Progressive Water Based Program

Specialised Progressive Water Based Programs (PWBP)

NRAC specialises in creating Progressive Water Based Programs (PWBP) for individual schools/students.

A PWBP is a program specifically designed to suit individual schools and students and can be implemented in 2 distinct ways -

  1. Students whom have limited experience in snorkelling and marine environments and need a progressive itinerary to make sure they can move safely forward in their learning.
  1. Students whom return to NRAC and need an extended program to move them into the next phase of learning.

The progressive activities are outlined below, and can be adjusted to suit the nature and experience of the group. The seasonal wildlife and weather will also be considered in creating an individualised program to meet your groups’ educational outcomes.

  • Snorkelling Lessons- shallow water/pool
  • Beach Snorkelling- shallow water
  • Beach Snorkelling- deep water
  • Boat snorkelling- with/without flotation aids
  • Outer Reef Snorkelling- with/without flotation aids
  • Manta Ray Swim
  • Whale Shark Swim
  • Sea Kayaking
  • S.C.U.B.A. Programs