For many Australian children, attending their School Camp is a rite of passage. We at NRAC are serious about making this one of the most memorable experiences of their childhood. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing and challenging camp that can be tailored to the age and needs of your student group.

At NRAC we cater for all ages, and specialise in programs for Primary, Middle and Senior School students.


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Primary School Camps

NRAC Primary School camps have been designed with the younger student in mind. For many, it is their first time away from home. Students learn new skills, engage in challenging activities and develop teamwork competency and a level of independence, all in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified staff are experienced in providing outdoor recreation programs for the primary school student in a residential setting and all staff have Western Australian Department of Child Protection Working with Children Checks.

Middle School Camps

As students are now adjusting to the Middle School system in Western Australian schools, we acknowledge the needs of this group of students are unique. The first year of high school is a period of great change in the lives of students. For many, their experience in the transition from primary to secondary education will influence their future academic and personal success.

Year 7

Why not bring your new Year 7’s on an Orientation Camp where they are given many opportunities to meet new friends and familiarise themselves with their peers and Teachers? NRAC is a perfect environment to nurture these new social challenges, push them outside their comfort zone and encourage independence.

Year 8

As students at this age will now become comfortable in the Middle School system, sometimes behavior can become a problem. Why not offer a Reward Camp for attendance and good behavior? Or an all-girl or all-boy Camp for students from Co-educational Schools to have opportunities to grow and learn that are different from the School environment?

Physical Education/Outdoor Education/Cadets

NRAC can tailor your itinerary to provide experiences that meet the educational outcomes for your students. Whether it be outback camping where students self-cater, a kayak safari or hiking along the coast, the area around Coral Bay provides a location well-suited to these activities.

Senior School Camps

As students move into Senior School the specialised experiences of leadership development, Cadet training and tertiary entrance studies are of paramount importance. NRAC can provide opportunities for students to participate in experiences that can contribute to meeting learning outcomes for PHYS Ed and Outdoor Ed. NRAC is also a popular choice for Leadership and Reward Camps.

Joint Programs Run By Teachers And NRAC

NRAC can run joint programs where our staff provide guided instruction for adventure activities while teachers run aspects of the program such as leadership, effective time management, student health issues and religious studies. Curriculum components can also be incorporated by School staff where appropriate to optimise learning experiences.

Staff Qualifications

NRAC is owned and operated by vibrant, adventurous and experienced staff, who work with their clients to create a fun-filled and flexible program that meets the needs and skill level of its participants.

All staff have a WA Working with Children Check, SLSWA Community Surf Rescue Certificate (Beach Bronze Medallion) and St John Ambulance Apply First Aid Certificateas a minimum.

Camp Meals And Special Requirements

NRACcaters with a variety of fresh local produce such as seafood’s, fine Australian meats, fruits, and vegetables delivered through creative, home cooking methods. Providing we have notice, dietary issues such as diabetes, food allergies and vegetarian requirements are accommodated.

Risk Assessment And Management

At NRAC the safety and wellbeing of students in our care is of paramount importance. We aim to provide students with a challenging and rewarding camp experience in a safe and nurturing natural setting. Read our Risk Management Plan.