Teachers Materials

Welcome to Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camps. The following Teacher Materials are an extremely important part of creating a successful camp for your students and yourselves.

These materials are collected by Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camps and evaluated in order to ensure that the participating students get the most out of their camp. They enable Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camps staff to create a camp to suit all the participants and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Risk Management and Consent Forms

┬╗ Items to Bring to a Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camp

Teacher/Staff in Charge Duties

  • Provide list of student water capabilities to NRAC and inform NRAC of high risk students
  • Be familiar with and model DoE Excursion and water based procedures/policies
  • Download and complete Risk Management and NRAC Consent Forms
  • Inform NRAC of food or dietry requirements and serious medical conditions
  • Delegate and manage Staff/Adult Duties
  • Supervise and delegate groups for Meals/Dishes

 Teacher/Staff/Parent Duties:

  • One adult per group to supervise clean-up and dishes after meals
  • Supervision of students activities and play
  • Positive Attitude about activities and weather
  • Participate with students in all activities, providing leadership and positive attitude

Payment & GST

Ningaloo Reef Adventure Camps requires a 30% booking deposit at least 12 weeks before the commencement of the camp. Final payment is due during or just after the completion of camp. A 10% GST is placed upon the payments. A tax invoice is provided.

Once a camp is booked and deposit received, and it is after the 12 weeks prior to planned commencement date, any cancellation will result inthe deposit (or portion of the deposit depending on the circumstances) not being refunded. If deposit is still required after the 12 weeks prior to commencement date, and camp is cancelled, NRAC still requires the deposit (or portion of depending on circumstances).